STONi Freshwater Crocodile - ANiMOZ - Fight for Survival
STONi - ANiMOZ - Fight for Survival - Australian animals collectible card game - Species profile - Freshwater crocodile

STONi - Freshwater Crocodile

ANiMOZ #006

Code: STONi

Common name: Freshwater Crocodile

Taxonomy: Crocodylus johnstoni

Level: APEX | Form: PREDATOR


Overcomes: Fire | Flood



The specialised ridges along STONi’s back, along with millennia of evolution of intricate muscular control, make his Anti-ripple Superpower possible! Skimming the surface without the tell-tale sign of ripples means he can get within striking distance of almost anything he deems as prey…


Once she has her target in her mouth, STONi is ready to launch into her Death Roll - spinning rapidly along her length whilst clutching a victim between her jaws. This power can be used on land or in the water, and can turn her food into more digestible pieces.



STONi automatically loses a Clash to any species with the CONSTRICTION Superpower


Although STONi may survive some venoms that would kill other species, there are some toxins that will defeat her. Some Invasive Species that she did not evolve alongside are a real weakness for STONi, as she doesn’t realise they aren’t a good meal.

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