ANiMOZ - Fight for Survival is the Collectible Card Game of Australian animals. You are a Ranger, and your job is to collect species that will help you build a healthy ecosystem.

Each animal belongs to a BiOME (like Forest or Desert) and a Ranger's full collection of ANiMOZ species is called their ANiOME - how does yours stack up against your friends?!

ANiMOZ will change the way you see wildlife.

We are causing unprecedented damage to planet Earth, and driving the extinction of thousands of species. In Australia, our native animals are vanishing at a rate faster than anywhere else in the world.

But not all hope is yet lost. The creatures of ANiMOZ have unbelievable superpowers - all of which are real in the wild - but with their Powers comes a great responsibility for us: the Rangers!

What is ANiMOZ?

ANiMOZ is a collectible card game aimed at kids from 3yo through to early teens, but the gameplay is fun for all ages, and the artwork and surprising facts of each species can be appreciated by all.

Each card features a different native Australian animal, from the powerful Wedge-tailed eagle to the critically endangered Mountain pygmy possum.

In the Starter Pack there are 54 animals - scratching the surface of Australia's biodiversity, but giving a grand introduction to the breadth of amazing creatures out there!

Each animal has Powers and Weaknesses (all real-life powers), and key information about the species is shown on the card. In gameplay, the card holders (Rangers) need to build a healthy ecosystem and protect their sanctuary, whilst learning about the dangers these animals face like Climate Change and Habitat Destruction.

In the Starter Pack, animals come from one of seven BiOMEs: Forest, Desert, Scrub, River, Coast, Mountain or Sky.


What's the aim of ANiMOZ?

Above all else, ANiMOZ aims to educate our future leaders in the breathtaking biodiversity of Australia’s ecosystems, and to engage them from a young age in human-induced dangers like climate change.

On top of this, ANiMOZ will be contributing directly to conservation projects like fieldwork and education programs.

To begin with, 5% of all pre-sales is going to Aussie Ark to support their critical work.

Who's behind it all?

ANiMOZ is a project. Conjour is a conservation magazine that aims to increase public awareness of issues - and wonders - in the natural world.

The illustrations and artwork are done by Bonnie-Marie Art, whose website you can visit via this link. She's an incredible artist with a passion for wildlife, and was quick to jump onboard this exciting project.

Partnering with ANiMOZ during this first part of the journey is Tim Faulkner and the team at Aussie Ark. They are an inspiring organisation of conservation professionals working to increase the chances of survival for some of Australia's most endangered native fauna. Check out their website here.


Are you an ANiMOZ Ranger?