We can still save Australia's animals - a positive look at the fight for wildlife!
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There is a LOT of negative news out there about climate change, the biodiversity crisis and the impact we’re having on our planet. And rightly so…

Yes, we’re having disastrous effects and have pushed into the sixth extinction without looking back. However, it isn’t all bad – there are still ways to fix this, and we’re going to tell you just three ways that the world can recover and we can have a future full of beauty, health and wildlife!

1. Pull down that carbon!

The general consensus amongst scientists now is that we don’t just need to stop burning coal – we need to ‘sequester’, or pull in and trap – the excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. That may seem crazy, but it’s actually totally possible. We can be pretty stupid, us humans, but we can also be pretty smart (with the help of nature).

Studies off the coast of the US have shown that seaweed, one of the world’s fastest growing plants, can be farmed in the open ocean on floating beds that, as the plant grows and gets heavier, sinks lower and lower before settling on the seabed. Our friends at WhatsYour2040 have this to say about it:

“Growing up to half a meter a day, seaweed removes carbon dioxide from the water, restoring the alkaline balance. It can draw down huge amounts of carbon from the atmosphere and help restore marine ecosystems.”

On top of that, they provide homes for marine life like fish that we rely on, and can provide food in a future where land-based agriculture may well need a boost from somewhere.

Feeling positive? Well, there’s more…




2. Farm and eat more sustainably!

It’s pretty well known now that our business-as-usual farming isn’t going to cut it in a warming climate. Our society has developed with the belief that to grow edible plants and meat successfully, we must cut down, burn away, and generally dominate the land. This has developed over the decades to include the use of disastrous chemicals and poisons that are sending our pollinators like bees to extinction, which in itself could mean the end of crop production.

But don’t lose that happy feeling, because we can fix it!

Groups like carbon8 are doing amazing work in helping farmers to operate sustainably. Through doing that, farmers stay in their jobs and help to draw down our carbon emissions back to where they belong: in the soil!

“CARBON8 supports farmers to transition to regenerative agriculture, assisting them in every possible way to rebuild the carbon (organic matter) in their soil to 8%. By supporting carbon8, you are participating in the best solution we have to repair our planet, heal the heart of our food-chain and help end drought.”

On top of this, reducing the meat you eat has a massive impact on the planet. Industrial agriculture, run by massive international conglomerates, is the primary reason behind deforestation around the world. What’s more, most of the land that is cleared is used for crops like soy, with most of that then going to feed livestock kept in horrific, unhealthy conditions.

You may feel like one person can’t make a difference, but when there are more than 7 billion of us thinking that, it’s not hard to see why it just isn’t true!

3. Educate!

And here’s our pitch. Education is one of the most critical parts of changing the course that we’ve set the planet on.

One form of this is supporting girls around the world to stay in school longer. A world where genders are educated equally is a world better able to deal with problems at hand, including extreme population growth.

Another way is to help our future leaders fall in love with wildlife. Through showing them what’s at stake, our next generation of adults can play a world-changing role in how we interact with nature.

That’s where ANiMOZ comes in. This collectible card game will change the way that people see wildlife, and in the gameplay kids will learn about habitat destruction, invasive species and more.

Tim Faulkner, Director of the Australian Reptile Park, says: “ANiMOZ is a game changer in the fight for conservation in Australia. Our kids need to learn what we’re doing to the planet, and how urgently we need to clean up our act. ANiMOZ will help deliver that message, and Aussie Ark are proud to be the official partner.”

Plus, you get to enjoy stunning illustrations of some of the most unique animals in the world! What’s not to love?

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2 thoughts on “We can still save Australia’s animals!”

  1. Another good way to save local animals from extinction is by reducing numbers of “introduced animals”. Feral camels and rabbits are now creating immense problems for local climate as they have multiplied several folds from their original numbers. One has to fix this issue also to save Australian animals.

    1. Hi Ranger Yasir, thanks so much for your informative comment! You’re right – invasive species are an incredibly big problem in the World of ANiMOZ.

      That’s why one of the dangers that no animal can overcome during the ‘Endangerment’ turn in the Ultimate Ranger Gameplay is ‘Invasive Species’, meaning Rangers need to protect their most vulnerable animals.

      Thanks for being part of the Ranger community 🙂

      See you in the wild!
      Ranger Joel

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