How to be a responsible cat owner in Australia - ANiMOZ - Fight for Survival
ANiMOZ - Be Responsible Cat Owner - Fight for Survival - Native Species - Australia
Here’s a few things you might already know about cats:

1. In Australia, over 1 million native birds are killed by cats every day.
2. In Australia, some 6 million native reptiles are killed by cats every year.
3. In Australia, we LOVE cats: there are about 4 million cats kept as pets.

So, how do we pair our love of these cute and cuddly, deadly killers with the need to protect the diminishing biodiversity across out country? It is not through banning pet cats – it is through implementing strategies to have all pet owners manage their furry friends responsibly.

If you own a cat, here are three simple steps to balance your love of your pet with the urgent need to protect native wildlife. If you don’t own a cat, but you know someone who does, how about sharing this with them!

1. Keep your friend indoors!

This might seem cruel to an animal whose natural instinct is to explore (and hunt!) but there are ways to limit the impact. Some breeds of cats appear to be happier with an indoor lifestyle, whilst there are numerous products out there to help enrich your pet’s indoor environment or allow them some controlled outdoor time.

2. Make sure your cat is collared, tagged and microchipped!

Ensuring your pet cat is easily identified, and easily found, means that escapes need not be times of concern that your cat will get hit by a car, kill native wildlife or breed with a feral cat. This is a critical part of responsible cat ownership, and also helps protect your purring friend.

3. Desex your cat!

As soon as possible after getting your cat, have it desexed. One of the major issues with Australia’s cats is how quickly and rampantly they breed, meaning the job of conservationists to manage feral populations is almost impossible.

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