ANiMOZ Ranger Community: "There are lots of different ones I haven't seen before!"
Ranger Community Series - ANiMOZ - Fight for Survival - The game changing conservation - Collectible Card Game - Australian Animals - Junior Rangers Chara and Trae

In our Ranger Community series, we hear from ANiMOZ Rangers out in the field about how they use the game to learn about, teach about and support wildlife.

Ranger Pariya spoke to Headquarters about how she and her Junior Rangers use ANiMOZ!


Ranger Pariya is mum to two Junior Rangers – Chara (7yo) and Trae (6yo). She’s a teacher, and said the ways to use the cards are endless:

ANiMOZ provides opportunities‎ for‎ non‎ restrictive‎ play‎ to‎ occur.‎ My‎ two‎ children‎ have‎ set‎ up‎ their‎ own‎ sets‎ of‎ ‘rules’‎ which,‎ when‎ you‎ watch‎ them‎, are‎ easily‎ interchangeable.‎

They‎ do‎ not‎ keep‎ score,‎ but‎ instead‎ point‎ out‎ things‎ such‎ as‎ the‎ colours‎ of‎ the‎ animals‎ and‎ names.‎ They‎ enjoy‎ changing‎ these‎ processes‎ regularly.‎”

Asked if the kids are getting use out of the game, Ranger Pariya said it helps that it’s transportable:

“They‎ play‎ ANiMOZ quite‎ often‎ as‎ there‎ are‎ no‎ restrictions‎ on‎ time‎ so‎ it‎ can‎ be‎ played‎ anywhere.‎ I‎ find‎ that‎ mine‎ play‎ with‎ their‎ cards‎ before‎ school‎ and‎ they‎ keep‎ them‎ on‎ hand‎ in‎ the‎ car‎ ride‎ to‎ school‎ drop‎ off.”


What do the Junior Rangers say?

Chara says she likes how many different creatures there are: “I‎ like‎ that‎ there’s‎ lots‎ and‎ lots‎ of‎ different‎ animals‎ and‎ some‎ of‎ them‎ are‎ really‎ colourful‎ and‎ some‎ are‎ only‎ one‎ colour‎ and‎ some‎ that‎ are‎ really‎ different.‎”

“It’s very interesting how it says what they are and what their name is. I like that there’s made up names because some of them are very funny; like one’s called an ‘iNGO‘ – and if you put the ‘D’ in front, it’d be a Dingo.

Picking up the HERMAN card, she continued: “There’s‎ one‎ that‎ looks‎ like‎ a‎ normal‎ mouse,‎ but‎ it’s‎ actually‎ a‎ Sandy‎ island‎ mouse.‎ There are‎ lots‎ of‎ different‎ ones‎ I‎ haven’t‎ seen‎ before!”

Trae also has some specifics when it comes to his favourite part of ANiMOZ: “I‎ like‎ that‎ they‎ say‎ a‎ Black‎ flying‎ fox‎ because‎ I‎ have‎ never‎ seen‎ one‎ before! And some of [the animals] are Flee, which means that they run away from Predators.

And I like that they’re Highly Rare – because I think that rare means that they’re… really precious.”

Pariya also asked her two Junior Rangers how they use the cards, and what games they play.

“We‎ have‎ to‎ ask‎ each‎ other‎ what‎ card‎ the‎ other‎ person‎ has,” said Chara.‎ “There‎ are‎ no‎ limits‎ to‎ what‎ you‎ can‎ ask.‎ Because‎ there‎ are‎ no‎ rules‎ it‎ makes‎ it‎ easier‎ to‎ play. It’s‎ just‎ a‎ fun‎ game‎ and‎ you‎ can‎ end‎ it‎ whenever‎ you‎ like.‎‎”

Trae‎ said he plays a similar game with his friends:‎ “When‎ I‎ take‎ them‎ to‎ school‎, I‎ play‎ with‎ the‎ kids‎ the‎ same‎ as‎ I‎ do‎ at‎ home.‎ I‎ [also] like‎ to‎ keep‎ piles‎ of‎ my‎ collections‎ I‎ have‎ made.‎”


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2 thoughts on “Ranger Community: “There are lots of different ones I haven’t seen before!””

  1. I have told everyone at the project that I help with about your game, and I really look forward to receiving it!
    I volunteer at the Western Shield Camera Watch project where volunteers from all over the world come together to catalogue images taken by camera traps in the the South West forests of Western Australia. We see Echidna, Grey Kangaroo, Chuditch, Black Gloved Wallaby and and many more while helping preserve these animals from introduced species like Fox and Cat. Your readers might like to help us – it is a great activity for all the family!

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