Know your ANiMOZ species: AUDAX (Wedge-tailed eagle)
AUDAX - Know Your Species - ANiMOZ - Wedge-tailed Eagle - Australian Eagle

Know your ANiMOZ species: What do you know about AUDAX?


One of the most important aspects of becoming the Ultimate ANiMOZ Ranger is to know which species can best help you build a Healthy Ecosystem, as well as win a Clash and overcome dangers.

For all of those, look no further than the Mountain WILDCARD species: AUDAX!

AUDAX (Wedge-tailed eagle) can be found across most parts of Australia, and has a number of amazing powers including ELECTROVISION! Not only does this mean she can see the current running through power lines – she might also be able to see electrical pulses in her prey!

“Wind whistles over her streamlined feathers as AUDAX soars thousands of metres above the ground. Up here, in the warm breeze, she can wait for her unrivalled vision to find her prey amongst the grass. Almost anything is available to her, with her massive size and huge talons meaning few creatures can escape.

AUDAX - Know Your Species - ANiMOZ - Wedge-tailed Eagle - Australian Eagle - Tbonesjones
#wildANiMOZ – The impressive AUDAX – Photo by ANiMOZ Ranger Taryn Smith (@tbonesjones)

AUDAX can also be threatened, though. Humans often poison carcasses of dead animals to try to deal with predators that harm livestock on farms, but AUDAX often scavenges food, meaning that poison might just as easily kill him! Pesticides used in agriculture also hurt, as it makes its way up the food chain from Base species to the top.

But this doesn’t mean he’s not a vital part of all ANiMOZ Ranger’s creatures! AUDAX will help you in a variety of situations during gameplay, and is one of the most beautiful predators of the sky.

Rangers will find AUDAX important for building their Ecosystem, as he can live anywhere, and when it comes to Clash it is a brave species that goes up against him! AUDAX will find the tallest tree in the area on which to build his nest and survey the scene, and when on the hunt can bring down an adult RUFUS!




Read AUDAX’s full Species Information Card on Headquarter’s dedicated SPECIES page.

What’s your favourite ANiMOZ? Have you found one in the wild? Share a photo and tag #wildANiMOZ.

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