Keep your kids entertained for hours with this new game! + it's educational!
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In a modern world filled with constant stimulation, evidence has shown that our ability to keep focussed on a single thing has diminished. This also means the ability to sit quietly with our thoughts is disappearing, and parents can attest to the fact that this is being passed to our kids!

Taking care of your children when you have loads of errands to run, or even when you just need some downtime, can be exhausting. And many of us are beginning to turn away from the solution of just handing our young ones a phone.

Keep kids entertained!

There’s a new way to keep your kids busy for hours, with lots of different game ideas, all whilst getting them off the screen and doing something educational! Plus, you don’t have to be there if you’re busy – let your kids experience it in their own way.

But is all of this in one box?! Yep – welcome to ANiMOZ!

ANiMOZ is a collectible card game about Australian animals, created in Australia

Here are three ways we’ve seen children use the cards to pass away the time – learning about wildlife along the way:

1. Compare the cards (any age!)

With 54 large, beautifully-illustrated species cards in one box, how much time kids can spend doing this is amazing. We all know their unrivalled imagination, but pair that with new pictures and information in front of them, and time can just vanish! One of the first parents we heard from gave ANiMOZ to their two boys (7 and 9yo) and told us that they wake up each morning to find the kids spread out on the loungeroom floor comparing their favourite animals!

2. Easy Eco game (for 5 and up!)

Divide the cards evenly between kids who then choose a BiOME (eg Forest or Desert). They reveal one card at a time, placing any that are in their BiOME into a separate ‘Ecosystem’. The first ‘Ranger’ to have 4 species from their BiOME in their Ecosystem wins.

3. Learn about the animal Superpowers (7 and up!)

If you’re there with them, this can be for any age, but when left to their own devices, slightly older kids will enjoy finding out about the amazing superpowers each of the animals has. What’s more is that these are real things those species can do in the wild! Just wait till you hear your little ones excitedly tell you about the amazing things they’ve learned.

Introduce your young Rangers to the wild world of ANiMOZ today – buy it for just $29 and it ships same-day!


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