COVID-19 Care: The ANiMOZ Guide
ANiMOZ-guide-to-COVID-19-care - Australian animals - Coronavirus - Infographic

Sharing responsibility for COVID-19 Care


This is a crazy time for the global community, and all you ANiMOZ Rangers out there are no exception when it comes to COVID-19 and caring for the community!

We don’t wish to paint ourselves as experts here at Headquarters – it is super important that you seek professional advice on actions related to the coronavirus, and listen to medical experts and government orders.

For further information, you can also visit the World Health Organisation’s dedicated section on COVID-19 via this link.

But we wanted to help spread the message that we all share responsibility to limit the passage and damage of this virus in our communities, so we’ve put together a quick graphic, direct from some of your favourite ANiMOZ characters!

If you like it, why not share it on social media? Let’s encourage everyone to play their part in halting the virus, and looking after the most vulnerable sections of the Ranger community!

When it comes to ANiMOZ wildlife, the good news seems to be that most species are safe.

But with many services likely to reduce or shutdown for the short-term future, we can all play a role in supporting positive environmental care.

If you are driving anywhere, please be careful on the roads and watch out for creatures like CiNE!

If you see injured wildlife, report it to your local Government agency or wildlife rescue organisations.


In such a testing time, it’s heartening to see wildlife returning to some cities that they had been driven from due to population and pollution. But this means we have a greater responsibility to learn about and care for them!

If you have inspiring stories of Rangers helping each other or wildlife during this pandemic, share them in the comments below!

To help Junior Rangers that might be stuck indoors for a while, we’re offering a FREE, downloadable colour-in book. Just follow this link.


Stay safe out there Rangers,

ANiMOZ Headquarters

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