CiNE under threat from Australia's devastating bushfires - ANiMOZ - Fight for Survival
Australian bushfires - CiNE - Koala - Koalas Under Threat - ANiMOZ - Fight for Survival

With the devastating bushfires raging across the east coast of Australia, experts believe that some 2,000 CiNEs* may have died.

As a Ranger it is your responsibility to do what you can to protect the creatures of ANiMOZ and the communities living amongst them.

But how can you help?

Headquarters gives you three ideas for how to help below. But first, you must understand what’s causing the damage: 3 of the ANiMOZ Dangers have combined to create this deadly situation: Natural Disaster (Fire), Habitat Destruction and Climate Change!

Australian bushfires - Habitat Destruction - Natural Disaster - Climate Change - Endangerment - ANiMOZ - Fight for Survival.jpg

The fires have been made worse for the animals by Habitat Destruction, as there are less safe havens available when their homes are under threat from a Natural Disaster. And making this all worse is Climate Change, which has led to extended Droughts (making everything drier) and hotter years that make the fires more dangerous.


Now that you know what’s making these fires even worse, what can you do – as an ANiMOZ Ranger – to help the creatures and people affected?


Firstly, you can support those already working in the area. Our pre-sale partners Aussie Ark are working with Global Wildlife Conservation to fund restoration and recovery projects for wildlife and communities. You can donate here (but if you’re a Junior Ranger, chat to older Rangers first).

Secondly, you can learn more about Climate Change and Habitat Destruction, and tell more people about why we need to change our impact on nature! As a Ranger who cares about the creatures of ANiMOZ, getting your friends involved with saving wildlife is one of the most important parts of your job. Habitat Destruction is where humans cut down forests, or build houses on scrubland, and stop wildlife from being able to live there. Climate Change is what is making the world hotter, and that is happening faster because humans are burning fossil fuels like coal and not planting enough trees!

Thirdly, you can plant trees! As a Ranger, you want to make sure that the creatures you care for have enough land to live on, and you also want to help limit Climate Change! So find out where you could plant trees near your home, and get people to help you!


Australian bushfires - Image by Aussie Ark - ANiMOZ - Fight for Survival

Do you have more ideas for how we can all help with the bushfire emergency? Write a comment below to help share ways to make a difference.



*CiNE is the ANiMOZ name for the koala.

2 thoughts on “CiNE under threat from Australia’s devastating bushfires”

  1. There is also Australia’s largest wildlife Sanctuary that has had to evacuate as many animals as possible and close to the public. They are still doing everything they can to protect their wildlife and also make it safe for their animals to come back and for the wildlife to survive and thrive afterwards.
    *Although their gofundme me has reached their goal, that goal was the minimum they needed to keep operations running, the more money they get from here out the more they can do for the animals

    1. Fantastic information Ranger Casey! Thanks for sharing the Walkabout Sanctuary link. What the team there are going through is awful, and everyone needs the support of fellow Rangers. They’re doing an amazing job of saving the local wildlife in the face of these fires.

      Best of luck to everyone at the Sanctuary in this hard time.
      See you in the wild,
      Ranger HQ.

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