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RiNU - Eastern Quoll

“Deep in the dark of the forest under a starlit night sky, RiNU emerges from a hollow log. Wind whispers through the grass - everything else is silent. She’s aware that dangers are everywhere, but as an Apex predator she must find food. Her night vision and teeth attack mean that only HARRiSii is an immediate problem, but she must also contend with a habitat getting smaller and smaller as more of the humans build houses and roads...”

ANiMOZ #001

Code: RiNU

Common name: Eastern quoll

Taxonomy: Dasyurus viverrinus

Level: APEX | Form: PREDATOR | Status: HIGHLY RARE

BiOME: Forest + Scrub

Overcomes: Flood



RiNU is sometimes called Australia’s native cat, and for many a good reason. One such cause for comparison is their amazing vision in the dark of night. Being predators that enjoy the cover of darkness, and do most of their hunting at night, they need to use this power to see! As with other ‘cats’, RiNU’s eyes include a tapetum lucidum which reflects light and enables far greater sensitivity in darkness than we have as Rangers.


One of RiNU’s most important attributes is her Treeclimb power. Being a medium-sized Predator, her prey includes a range of smaller critters including lizards, birds, insects and smaller mammals. Being able to surprise their prey from a branch can be the difference between life and death! She can race up a tree trunk before her food has time to react.



Despite not being the largest predator, few creatures can stand in RiNU’s way. Her Powers give her cutting-edge advantages, and her feisty nature means she’s normally safe. But her larger cousin, HARRiSii, is an exception, and she must be careful not to get caught in his way…


RiNU will automatically lose any Clash where he is up against an APEX-WING species, as he does with HARRiSii. These stealthy predators of the sky are able to swoop down and attack before RiNU can prepare himself.

Australian Forest - Forest Illustration - ANiMOZ BiOME Art
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