How ANiMOZ Helped Australian Wildlife in 2020
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2020 was the first full year of ANiMOZ being out in the Ranger community!

Whilst it was a challenging 12 months both for Rangers and endangered species, we’re proud to say we helped make an impact. We supported three organisations working to save some of your favourite ANiMOZ creatures out in the wild: Foundation for Australia’s Most Endangered Species, Aussie Ark, and Rewilding Australia. Our commitment at Headquarters is that ANiMOZ not only educates a new generation, but also puts back into the conservation field.

So who are the teams that ANiMOZ helped in 2020?


FAME, or Foundation for Australia’s Most Endangered Species, is an organisation focussed on stopping further extinctions of Australian flora and fauna. They do amazing work across the country, ranging from reintroductions of native predators to revegetation of destroyed habitat. One of their ongoing projects is working to save PENiCi (the Brush-tailed rock-wallaby) – one of the new species from the ANiMOZ Booster Packs – and we supported their efforts to breed a captive population ready for release, and restore PENiCi’s native home in NSW that was destroyed by the Australian bushfires. You can follow FAME on Instagram at: @FAME_species.

Aussie Ark!

One of the really exciting announcements of last year was the reintroduction of HARRiSii (the Tasmanian devil) back to mainland Australia for the first time in thousands of years! The team behind it was Aussie Ark, who were our partners for the ANiMOZ Starter Pack pre-sale. We were proud to support their efforts to breed an insurance population of this Critically Endangered predator, and this new step in the journey may be one that is looked back on as a game changer in Australian wildlife’s fight for survival. You can follow the team on Instagram at: @Aussieark.

Rewilding Australia!

The final group to receive support from Ranger HQ last year was Rewilding Australia – now officially partnered with WWF Australia. Ranger Rob and the Rewilding Oz team have focussed on protecting and reintroducing RiNU (the Eastern quoll) for years, and our support enabled them to purchase critical equipment to move forward with a number of projects like quoll transportation and tracking. You can now following their journey on the WWF Australia instagram account: @WWF_Australia.


Use the links above to check out the amazing work of these groups, and head over to the BUY page to get your new Booster packs and help us change the conservation game!

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