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iNGO - ANiMOZ - Fight for Survival - Australian animals collectible card game - Species profile - Dingo

iNGO - Dingo

ANiMOZ #003

Code: iNGO

Common name: Dingo

Taxonomy: Canis lupus dingo

Level: APEX | Form: PREDATOR


Overcomes: Fire



When your food comes from species like GiGA and RUFUS, you need to have superpowers that allow you to keep up! One of iNGO’s special traits is the ability to keep chasing for extended periods. iNGO hunts in packs, and can cover huge expanses of land as he chases his speedy prey.


Although her Stamina superpower can keep her going for long distances, another key Power for iNGO is Family. By hunting in packs, other members of their family can take over if the lead iNGO begins to tire during a long chase. Family doesn’t only help in hunts though - iNGO uses the structure of their social unit for protection, learning behaviour and breeding. The loss of one member, particularly an adult, from an iNGO family can have a disastrous impact on the future of their population, making this an important - and fragile - Superpower.



If iNGO finds himself in a Clash against a Venom species, he’s in trouble. Whilst capable of defending himself sometimes, or even preying on some venomous creatures, the Clash will always go to the opponent in gameplay.


Aside from venomous animals, not many creatures can resist when iNGO is on the prowl. But should she find herself face to face with STONi in a Clash, it’s another immediate loss...

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