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HARRiSii - Tasmanian Devil

"The cool forest air is punctured by a hellish scream – HARRiSii looks up, recognising the call is from her own kind. She runs to the source to find five HARRiSii engaged in a tussle over a carcass. She uses her SCREAM-FREEZE power to command the attention of the scavengers, then rushes in to use her JAW CRUSH power to steal some meat for herself. But she must be careful, should she come to blows with any of the other HARRiSii she puts herself at risk of contracting the deadly cancer…"

ANiMOZ #002

Code: HARRiSii

Common name: Tasmanian Devil

Taxonomy: Sarcophilus harrisii

Level: APEX | Form: PREDATOR


Overcomes: None



With a piercing cry, HARRiSii’s Scream Freeze Superpower will turn even the bravest Ranger’s blood cold. And it can have a similar effect on ANiMOZ species! When defending territory or food, she will let our a terrifying scream that only the boldest would ignore.


HARRiSii has a power called Jaw Crush, that allows him to exert a force of 553 N. This means he has the most powerful bite relative to body size of ANY living mammalian carnivore! The jaw can open to around 80 degrees, which helps with his Jaw Crush power by allowing the generation of force to crush bones and even to bit through thick metal.



Sadly, HARRiSii is under real threat from a specific cancer called Devil Facial Tumour Disease, or DFTD. This cancerous growth will form over their mouths, inhibiting their ability to hunt and feed. It is highly contagious, meaning that if two HARRiSii meet in a Clash, they both lose the fight rather than draw.


If HARRiSii comes up against a Venom form in a Clash, he automatically loses.

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