Ranger Community: "The game has been a huge feature in our household"
ANiMOZ - Fight for Survival - the game changing conservation - trading card game of Australian Animals - toys for kids - EnviroEdu

In our Ranger Community series, we hear from ANiMOZ Rangers out in the field about how they use the game to learn about, teach about and support wildlife.

The Rangers from EnviroEdu write to Headquarters about how they use ANiMOZ!


The ANiMOZ – Fight for Survival card game has been a huge feature in our household during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a family of four wildlife fanatics, it is not surprising that we were all extremely excited at the launch of ANiMOZ last year. 

Over the past couple of months, while the world has been in lock down, our little rangers have enjoyed their own ‘fight for survival’ and enjoyed learning more about some of Australia’s most critically endangered native species in a fun, engaging learning environment!

The flexibility and adaptability of the game keeps it fresh so that players never tire of the same method of play… particularly when in iso for multiple weeks at a time!!!

ANiMOZ - Fight for Survival - the game changing conservation - trading card game of Australian Animals - toys for kids - EnviroEdu


Our endangered species…

As Zoologists, Ranger Sarah and Alex are thrilled at the development of a new fun and engaging game that focusses on educating children and adults about the environment and our all-important native species fighting for survival.

With so many pressures placed on native ecosystems, it is fantastic that there is now a beautifully illustrated educational game which raises awareness of the plight of so many Australian species, while also raising much needed funds for many conservation projects at home here in Australia. 

With her passion for conservation, Ranger Sarah looks forward to incorporating ANiMOZ in EnviroEdu’s environmental education programs which she delivers to local schools, Kindergartens and broader community events.

The use of the ANiMOZ cards as a teaching resource are endless – with parents and teachers able to use them as an introduction to an EnviroEdu incursion or as a follow up hands-on learning activity to facilitate creative and report writing, reading, drawing and potential community project development in older students. 

ANiMOZ - Fight for Survival - the game changing conservation - trading card game of Australian Animals - toys for kids - EnviroEdu - Spotted-tail Quoll

As you can see from the photograph, Ranger Sarah has a huge soft spot for Quolls! Although Quinn (pictured) is a Spotted-tailed Quoll, a different species to RiNU the gorgeous Eastern Quoll featured in ANiMOZ, he is also highly threatened and holds similar superpowers and weaknesses to that of his close relative, RiNU.

Up close and personal encounters with the same or similar ANiMOZ characters provides a powerful learning platform for children where they can really connect with the animals of Australia. This greater connection and understanding is critical to the ongoing protection and conservation of not only our threatened species but entire Australian ecosystems and is the whole ethos behind our motto, Learn Local… Act Global!   

The EnviroEdu team would like to congratulate Team ANiMOZ for creating a fun, engaging and highly educational card game suited to all ages and can’t wait for the new booster packs to be released! 



Based in Mildura, Victoria, EnviroEdu presents fun, interactive, ’hands-on‘ environmental education programs tailored to suit all age groups.  The team is dedicated to promoting environmental, conservation and sustainability awareness and show-casing Australia’s amazing biodiversity, with a focus on our ‘local environment‘. 

We believe the foundation to conserving our planet’s natural resources and environment is through education at the ‘grass roots’ level, particularly our children. Our engaging educational programs therefore offer students and teachers the opportunity to connect with some of Australia’s native and threatened species, take action by building awareness of local conservation issues and the role we can all play in protecting our natural environment.

Visit the EnviroEdu website via this link.


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