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Mallefowl photo - The ANiMOZ Aussie Wildlife Vote 2020 - ANiMOZ Booster Pack - Conservation - Australian animals - Endangered species


The Malleefowl is a unique ground-dwelling bird found in the semi-arid to arid regions of southern Australia. It has a fascinating and complex nesting behaviour that involves both fermentation and sunlight, and lots of raking, to precisely maintain the ideal temperature for egg incubation. They even have a temperature sensor in their beak! Today, Malleefowl are threatened with extinction. Their decline is due mainly to habitat loss, fragmentation and degradation, overgrazing by feral and farmed animals, and in some cases native animals (e.g. kangaroos), as well as predation by foxes, cats and raptors.


The National Malleefowl Recovery Team is working to help save Malleefowl in all regions of Australia. A large part of our work is monitoring the health of Malleefowl populations to see what impact actions such as predator control and fire management, as well as changes in rainfall and climate, have on breeding rates and population trends. We train local communities to monitor Malleefowl breeding using evidence-based methods, and our program is the largest single species citizen science monitoring project in Australia. The data collected by communities is used to improve conservation and is vital to securing a future for Malleefowl.

You can vote for the national Malleefowl Recovery Team and the Malleefowl in The ANiMOZ Aussie Wildlife Vote right here.