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EQUES - Leafy Seadragon

“The seaweed sways gently in the dappled sunlight of the shallow waters. Coast creatures dart in and out of the refuge, some hunting prey, others searching for mates. In amongst the grasses sits a stationary EQUES, using her Invisibility and Fincrypsis Powers to go unnoticed. She has just laid eggs and left them with a male, and must now be shortly on her way to find food. But the further she ventures from this camouflaged home, the weaker her Invisibility becomes - and the dark waters of the Ocean hold terrifying animals of the deep...”

ANiMOZ #109


Common name: Leafy seadragon

Taxonomy: Phycodurus eques

Level: Carn | Form: Defend | Status: Infrequent | BiOME: Coast

Overcomes: Fire/Flood/Drought



With transparent fins that allow sunlight to pass through, predators will swim right by EQUES as he invokes his invisibility Superpower!


EQUES uses his elaborate fins to form his cryptic Superpower too, with their shape helping him blend effortlessly into the surrounding seagrass. ‘Crypsis’ in the natural world is something that uses camouflage.



Whilst EQUES uses her Superpowers to hide, she is not so good at an escape once spotted. Up against faster animals, her speed will let her down.


The outer skin of EQUES is hard and rigid, meaning that she struggles in any scenario in which flexibility and mobility is important. As with her speed, her Rigidity weakness puts her at risk from more flexible and free-moving predators.

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EQUES the Leafy seadragon - Coast BiOME - ANiMOZ - Fight for Survival - The card game of Australian animals.

Species Report: EQUES the Leafy seadragon

By Ranger Tessa - ANiMOZ Ecologist | November 21, 2020

EQUES is the Leafy seadragon (Phycodurus eques) – master of camouflage!   Species report on the Leafy seadragon EQUES is a master of camouflage with a body covered in leaf-like protrusions and the ability to change colour! They grow 20-24 centimetres long, but it is unknown how long they live for. Leafies are the marine …

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