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When will I receive the Starter Pack?

Products ship soon after your order is placed, but delivery times will vary depending on your location. If you're based in Australia, we hope to get the game to you within 5-7 business days of your order being confirmed.

What ages is ANiMOZ aimed at?

ANiMOZ can be enjoyed by people of most ages. We recommend that ages 3 and up are perfect for Junior Rangers to enjoy the cards, being amazed by the Illustrations, and can have the older Rangers in their lives talk to them about the Powers and other facts on each card. Once a Junior Ranger reaches 6 years of age, they’re probably ready to start creating their own fun games with other Rangers. The rules for the Ultimate Ranger Gameplay - the official recommendation for rules - can take a bit of time to get your head around, so these might be easiest for Junior Rangers aged 8 and up, and are fun, challenging rules for adults too! Learn more on the Headquarter's GAMEPLAY page.

How do I play ANiMOZ?

ANiMOZ is a Collectible Card Game (CCG), where Rangers collect cards from both the official Starter Pack as well as expansion/booster packs (coming soon). All the cards that a Ranger holds are called their ANiOME, and Rangers can use either their own ANiOMEs to play against other Rangers, or up to 4 Rangers can all play the Ultimate Ranger Gameplay with just 1 Starter Pack! Head over to the dedicated GAMEPLAY section of the Headquarters website via this link.

What is an Original Ranger?

An Original Ranger is anyone who owns the first print run of the ANiMOZ - Fight for Survival Starter Pack (which is still available now). This makes you an Original Ranger because on the back of each game - for this first, limited edition print run only - there is an official 'Original Ranger' emblem featuring Australia's icon of endangered species: PHALU (the Thylacine). This will not be available on any future print of the ANiMOZ Starter Pack.

How do you calculate postage costs?

We're doing everything we can to find the cheapest way to get ANiMOZ to your door. The price you're seeing for postage is purely postage - we're not charging handling fees. We're also slightly undercharging to make postage more affordable - particularly for our friends outside of Australia - which means we lose a little bit of money each time we post the game to you, but it's worth it! Thank you so much for being part of the ANiMOZ community.

I run a retail store/distribution company. Who do I speak to about bulk orders?

Great to have you on board! ANiMOZ is stocked at some of the biggest names in the zoological industry, as well as by local, boutique wildlife, tourism and arts stores. Please use the contact form at the bottom of the home page and we'll get in touch as soon as we see your email.

Who did these amazing illustrations?

The artist behind the animals is Bonnie-Marie. You can see her website here, or follow her on Instagram here.

How does ANiMOZ support conservation?

Here at Headquarters we have big plans. We want to have every kid fall in love with wildlife, and understand what it is that is driving the conservation issues in Australia. We also want to have direct impact in the field, rewilding Australian landscapes and ensuring a wild future for all Rangers out there. This begins with our support of Aussie Ark, who are doing incredible work with their partners to reintroduce native animals like RiNU back into previous habitat regions.

How does ANiMOZ offset emissions?

Because we know the impact that every product has on the natural environment, we're conscious of the role we must play in operating sustainably and, if possible, putting more back into the wild than is taken out (or, in this case, removing more carbon from the atmosphere than we release into it!). We are in discussions with a number of different organisations that help companies offset their impact through projects like tree planting, and until we find the right partner, we're keeping track of every step in our process to make sure it is all offset. As soon as we finalise that decision, it will be announced here at the Headquarter's website!

Why do the cards in the ANiMOZ Starter Pack come in two separate piles?

We want ANiMOZ to be more than the Starter Pack. There are so many incredible animals out there that everyone should fall in love with, that we hope to release Booster Packs of ANiMOZ critters in the future. To this end, we wanted to allow space in the Starter Pack box for Rangers to grow their collection and keep all the cards in their ANiOME in one place. For balance, this meant dividing the cards into two decks in the Starter Pack.

Why doesn’t the Starter Pack come with a die?

There are a number of reasons there is no physical Endangerment die provided in the Starter Pack. Firstly, this would have added costs to the game and we wanted to keep the ANiMOZ Starter Pack as affordable as possible to allow Rangers from all walks of life the opportunity to be part of it. Secondly, it adds a safety layer, meaning Junior Rangers out there can’t accidentally swallow a small object whilst learning about wildlife! Finally, we wanted to minimise materials needed for the Starter Pack. We’re already disappointed that plastic was required (you can read more about that below), but this was one way to avoid excess wood/plastic being used. In a similar way to the Rules, we wanted to ensure the Endangerment die was available online, but we also designed the Ultimate Ranger Gameplay to enable the use of a standard six-sided die. For those dedicated Rangers out there, we’re working towards having a custom engraved Endangerment die available for ordering in the near future, when we find a sustainable, affordable source.

Why doesn’t the Starter Pack come with a rulebook?

There are a number of reasons there is no physical rulebook in the Starter Pack, like you would find in most card or board games. Firstly, we are already very aware of the impact the production of a product has on the environment, and wanted to limit the resources required. Secondly, a rulebook would have added costs to the game and we wanted to keep the ANiMOZ Starter Pack as affordable as possible to allow Rangers from all walks of life the opportunity to be part of it. Thirdly, ANiMOZ is about falling in love with, and learning about, the amazing wildlife we share the planet with! Whilst there are rules available on this website for the Ultimate Ranger Gameplay, these rules are just a suggestion. Here at Headquarters, we believe people learn best through their own imagination, and so we encourage Rangers - especially Junior Rangers - to come up with their own games with the ANiMOZ cards.

The box says ‘Responsibly Sourced Materials’. What does this mean?

We worked closely with our printers to ensure that the paper used to make the box and cards for the Starter Pack were certified as coming from a sustainably operated supplier of wood. This means that the forests the material is harvested from undergo strict checks to ensure they are managed in a sustainable way, are environmentally responsible, and aid local communities both socially and economically. However, we do not have the rights to display official certification logos on ANiMOZ products. We know the importance of proving every step in the chain is sustainable, and are working towards gaining this certification for future print runs. In the meantime, as an added measure to protect the world's forest, we'll be using some of the funds raised from this first round of printing to help organisations plant more trees!

Why is the Starter Pack wrapped in plastic?

Unfortunately, the first print run of Starter Packs comes wrapped in plastic. This was something we wanted to avoid, but weren’t able to. An inability to source a company able to work with us providing biodegradable shrink wrap, plus damage to the product that occurred without the protection of wrapping it, meant the first edition comes in plastic. We understand how big an issue plastic is in the world, and whilst we’re doing our best to operate sustainably and ethically, as a new business we definitely won’t get everything right the first time. We do ask that all of you Original Rangers out there help to limit the impact of the game: please consider taking the plastic from the box and cards, and deposit it in a verified REDcycle bin. REDcycle have locations all over Australia, and they take soft plastics that would otherwise end up in landfill and turn it into sustainable products like gym equipment! Find out more about their work at their website here, and use their locator to find where you can drop your plastic off too. There are other ways to limit the impact of the plastic though: try keeping the cards wrapped in the plastic when not in use – this will help maintain the quality of the ANiMOZ cards and stops the plastic ending up in landfill. You could also find ways to reuse the plastic around your home, like wrapping valuables. We’ll always be working to find a way to improve the sustainability of ANiMOZ products moving forward, and if you have an idea for how we can do this – or you run a business that can help! – please do get in touch.

Are there expansion packs/more cards available?

The world of ANiMOZ is full of a crazy number of creatures, and Headquarters managed to get 54 of them into the Starter Pack! But there are so many out there that work is under way to produce Booster Packs of more incredible ANiMOZ species. Sign up for our Headquarter emails, and follow us on social media, to keep in touch for when these are available.

How do I get more involved with ANiMOZ?

The best way to support ANiMOZ and be a part of the Ranger community is to buy the Official Starter Pack. There are limited numbers available of the Original Ranger, first print run edition, but once these all sell we'll get more on the way. You can level up your involvement by telling your friends and family about the World of ANiMOZ, and encouraging them to become Rangers as well. On top of that, sign up for our email list, and follow us on Social Media, to keep track of latest news!

I have so many more questions. Where can I find extra information?

Check out our 'STORiES' page for articles about what ANiMOZ is and how it works - and loads of other articles. If you still have questions, we'd LOVE to hear from you so get in touch via the contact form on the homepage.

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